Veterinary Debt Collection

Veterinary debt collection services

Retrieve your overdue accounts
quickly and effectively…
Protect valuable client relationships…
If it’s recoverable, we’ll recover it!

Debt Collections Services UK Ltd (DCS) works with vets across the country to retrieve money owed to Veterinary Practices.

Our genuine “no win – no fee” promise tells you that we’re specialists, confident of our success. We provide a personal, professional and cost-effective route to give you a healthier cashflow. You can instruct us for one invoice or a portfolio of historic debt, we can assist you to get your ledgers up to date.

In most cases we do this without costly court proceedings. We set up and manage instalment plans to assist your customers who are having financial difficulties. We mediate and resolve insurance disputed matters where customers do not understand the insurance criteria for claims. We also have a tracing service for gone aways which are always a problem with customers not updating you when they move address.

A fresh approach to debt collection

Your personal DCS professional will work with you to understand your organisation, answer all your questions, keep you fully informed of progress and ensure the optimum outcome for your business.

While other firms head rapidly towards the courts, DCS experts take a careful, measured approach that gets results more swiftly and far more cost-effectively. Our skilled mediation and absolute professionalism not only recover your debts but safeguard valuable relationships and protect future business opportunities.

On occasions, court proceedings are essential. We also issue and monitor legal proceedings on your behalf and provide you with all the advice and guidance you need to ensure a successful recovery.

Overdue accounts drain your time your energy and your profits Call us today for a friendly professional solution

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