Make Payment – *Important* Read Payment Notes Below

Make your payment through our secure payment gateway.

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Please ensure that you are paying the correct company.
You must quote your reference number, or we may not have sufficient information to update our records to show that you have made a payment.
All unattributed payments are held in suspense for up to 180 days, after that time, we may keep this money.
If a customer shows us proof that they made an unattributed payment within the 180 days, then we will apply it correctly or refund the customer.

Please note

You can make a payment against your account here. Before proceeding please confirm that you have read and taken into consideration the following:

* your priority bills have been paid (i.e. mortgage, rent, utility bills)
* other creditors
* seeking debt advice from a free independent debt advice organisation

If legal proceedings have been issued against you then additional costs may have been incurred for which you will need to contact the office in order to obtain the updated balance figure. Please note that these charges are legally payable.

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